What hunting accessories should I bring?

We recommend you bring binoculars, camera, hunting clothes (warm & cold weather), rain gear and large coolers (for meat and hides)  Tripods recommended FIELD OPTICS.

What type of terrain will we be hunting?

You will need to be able to walk long distances over steep rough terrain.

What shooting position and distance is most common for Elk hunting?

Most shots are taken at further than 100 yards and depending on the terrain may require standing, kneeling or laying down to make the shot.

What caliber of rifle and ammunition should I bring?

We recommend a 30 caliber or larger rifle with a minimum of 180 grain ammunition. For your safety and ours, do not come to hunt with us with a rifle you have never shot before.

Do you guarantee a trophy elk on my hunt?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in open land hunting. You will be taken on the best hunt possible where you will need to be able to sit very still and quiet for long periods of time. Of course making the a proper kill shot is critical for bagging your trophy.